The spring conference has been scheduled (DV).

Date: Saturday March 6, 2022

Location: Bear Lake Bible Chapel


Speaker: Jeff Buckles.

Theme: TBA

NOTE: This event may be streamed live. Check for details.

Arrival: Please plan to arrive by 9:30 AM & seated by 9:50 AM

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This conference is for the spiritual uplifting of the saints in Central Florida and other visitors. The conference has historically taken place at various assemblies that are large enough to hold the number of attendees.

Beginning in 2019 the committee moved to just one conference each year.

The conferences begin on a Saturday around 9:30 AM with snacks, opening around 10:00 AM, singing, and ministry (the ministry is done in two parts with a short break between)  and a lunch break about noon. Then the meetings start up again around 1:00 PM with announcements, reports, and singing. The final ministry message is given and the conference ends around 3:00 PM.

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